About the Pacific Pillow Co

My name is Liz Milnes and together with my partner Nigel we created an inspiring way to showcase some of the most beautiful places on this planet by bringing them into your home décor. 

I have been making things since I could walk, I made my school uniform at 11 and have spent the last 20 years making everything from theatre costumes for London shows to character costumes and mascots for Manchester United to Nando's to very high profile dinosaurs, dogs and octopi here in Australia.
On a trip to Byron Bay I was inspired by a card I saw in a gift shop, it read "She designed a life she loved." It really made me think about my life as a designer, a costume maker and business manager. I designed things I loved and did work I enjoyed but I had never thought about designing a product that would help me to design the life I loved.
I love photography, beautiful images, places, inspirational quotes, travel and making things, especially things that people love. We all need someone to lean on, something to cry into, something that makes us smile when we look at it. Images and cushions, travel to research, photography to create and sewing to hold it all together seemed like the perfect solution.
Pinterest taught me just how much beautiful images inspire us (you can follow us @ www.pinterest.com/pacificpillowco) how we all have similar dream locations we want to visit; beautiful things we want to share and it made me want to share beautiful images and things with my life-space and home and so Pacific Pillow Co was created to do just that.
Using water based inks, astoundingly clear photographic replication, and a recyclable product (simply change the cover of your cushions) it all felt ethical as well. Not to mention the fact that my partner of many years had so many relevant skills I lacked, such as typography, great photography, art direction, post production and a magical way of making it all happen.
We hope what we have created here will brighten up your home or favourite place and inspire you by surrounding yourself with beautiful places and images.

Liz & Nigel Milnes

PS: If you would like to have a chat with us about our products or discuss wall prints or large orders then please call me on
0415 461 881 or email us at studio@pacificpillowco.com.au

Leila Milnes

Hi, I’m Leila and I am responsible for the styling and creative branding of Pacific Pillow Co.

 A little about me: I am tackling Spanish and salsa dancing and growing my passport stamp collection. A few things make me abundantly happy; soy lattes, new print ideas, prosecco, pineapple, the streets of Barcelona and the thought of an end to all whaling.

 As soon as I was old enough, I worked amongst my family businesses learning and exploring all things creative and business orientated. My mum, Liz, inspired my passion for design and fashion and my dad, Nigel, inspired my love for all things branding and advertising.  I have always been fonder of what fills a space than the space itself.  As a recent graduate of a Bachelor in Fashion and Business, my role in the Pacific Pillow Co team is aimed at driving the business with a creative edge whilst staying ahead of trends. I love working with such a simple yet diverse product that can be re-styled and designed at the click of our fingers. I love the idea that in both life and work you can adapt anything and everything – continuing to embrace change and making it work. Keeping up with the fast pace of the modern world is as daunting as it is exciting which is why tackling it in a unique and creative way drives my love of styling and branding for such a fresh and diverse brand.