Fill Empty Spaces with beautiful places and images that inspire

Based in Australia, Pacific Pillow Co. features some exceptionally beautiful, eye-catching pillows and deck chairs that resemble high-quality photographic art pieces as much as they do functional home décor.

From retro to vintage to pop art to trendy beach scenes, Pacific Pillow Co. prides itself on the ability to provide a variety of inviting, one-of-a-kind images and transferring them to cushions and deck chairs. Using dye sublimation, water-based inks and handcrafted in Currumbin on the Gold Coast, these products are durable and eco-friendly without compromising clear, high-quality imagery. The products are machine washable and the digital images are printed on a soft, linen-like polyester fabric. The back of the pillows are covered with a, comparable, 100% natural cotton fabric. They are recyclable by simply changing the casings. The design for each pillow includes invisible zips, a cushion insert and the versatile fabric allows for a variety of different uses (print or fabric-facing), depending upon the occasion.

Pacific Pillow Co. masters interior and exterior living appeal through amazing photography and world travels. Founder, Liz Milnes, combines her unique and creative vision with partner, Nigel’s, stellar graphic design and art direction. Unlike standard decorative pillows and deck chairs—that function, primarily, as accent pieces—Pacific Pillow Co. creations are functional and can stand alone as focal points. Both the pillows and deck chairs are fresh, trendy and evoke a sense of inspiration, warmth and comfort in any setting. 

The pillow and deck chair collections include iconic images such as the Sydney Opera House and NYC’s Times Square. The pinnacle pieces include eclectic, retro VW bus and classic pin up images set against a gorgeous Byron Bay backdrop. As well as phenomenal surfer and oceanic images from beaches that cover the globe.

No matter the esthetic preference, Pacific Pillow Co. can transform a beach cottage into something vintage and laid-back or a high-rise condo into something sophisticated and modern. From Paris to pineapples, pop art to peacocks, pop tops to paradise, Pacific Pillow Co.’s stylish possibilities are endless.